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Glacier International Peace Park and Beyond

In the Southwest corner in Alberta Canada where the prairies pave the way to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains is a mix of uncommon geology with moderate environments and an abundance of wildlife, this is Waterton Lakes National Forest. Amidst the mountain peaks are clear lakes, mountain streams, vibrant rocks, and cascading waterfalls which […]

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Traveling Southwest Montana

Southwest Montana is not about the glamour of National Parks, its more about ghost towns of days gone by from the mining days of the late 1800’s. These miners were more interested in extracting riches from below the ground than building structures to withstand time; however, remnants still stand today, giving us a glimpse back […]

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How to Pick the Right Hotel for Senior Travelers

Your hotel experience can make or break a trip. If you are a senior traveler, it is very important to make sure that you get the ideal accommodations. Here is some useful suggestions … Priority Prior to you book a hotel, you need to determine what is essential to you. Ask yourself: – What type […]

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East Central Idaho and Beyond

Fall is near in the East Central area of Idaho. The leaves are altering colors which provides the forest a more lively appearance, the golden fields of wheat and hay are being harvested and the start of the digging of the popular Idaho potatoes have actually begun. Driving the Teton Picturesque byway and the Mesa […]

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